1. SHC provides focused updates and advances in the prevention, treatment and management of liver diseases.
  2. The format comprises lectures, case discussions, debates and discussion forums.
  3. Learn and exchange of ideas with internationally renowned experts in Gastroenterology and Hepatology.



  1. The Science of HBV Cure is a scientific meeting devoted to advances in understanding the mechanism, as well as new  therapies for HBV cure.
  2. The format comprises lectures, free papers, debates and discussion forums.
  3. Find out the latest developments from top researchers and pharmaceutical companies.


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Topic Highlights:

•  HCV Resistance - how real is it?

•  Controversial Issues in CHB

•  Advanced Liver Disease Symposium

•  Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Symposium

•  Hot Topics in Hepatology Symposium

•  HCC Symposium

Topic Highlights:

• HBV Cure Overview

• Models for HBV Infection

• Clinical & Translational Forum

• Viral Transcription

• Capsid Inhibition

• Immunology Forum