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SHC 2018 Pre-Conference Highlights

Hepatitis Elimination Symposium

Hep Elimination

HBV cccDNA and Epigenetics Research Methodology Workshop


Ultrasound and Fibroscan Workshop




Topic Highlights:

• WHO strategy and goals for viral hepatitis Eradication & cascade of care

• Impact of antiviral therapies on outcomes of HCV and HBV

• Infrastructure needed for monitoring and delivery of therapy in resource constrained settings

• Elimination Strategies

• Best Practices for HCV Eradication

• Setting the agenda – the role of Government

• The role of NGOs

• Partnerships between Government, NGO and industry



Topic Highlights:

• Why is HBV cccDNA important?

• How to measure the quantity of cccDNA and determine its transcription activity? Will PCR methods ever be good enough and are we close to standardizing across the leading labs?

• Are the surrogate markers of any good?

• How to choose the best model (cell or animal) to study the production and epigenetic control of cccDNA?

• What are the common pitfalls in applying standard epigenetic methods to study cccDNA?

• What are some of the new approaches to clear or inactive cccDNA?





Topic Highlights:

• Ultrasound of Liver

• How to use Ultrasound to guide fibroscan

• Interpreting results – application of the charts to ASEAN population and certain types of liver disease groups

• Liver 2D SWE and its current role in patient management

• Pitfalls of Fibroscan without ultrasound guidance 2D SWE compare/contrast with Fibroscan – then conclude with the benefits of having both1

• Cost benefit of early diagnosis of steatosis