What Preceptorship Participants are saying:

My observation about the preceptorship program is a very successful educational and research oriented event.  I hope to attend this meeting in future. I will also disseminate this experience to my fellow colleagues.

M G Azam, BIRDEM General Hospital, Dhaka & Hepatology Society Dhaka, Bangladesh

The conference was a wonderful experience. Precisely designed for the needs of a hepatology practitioner, the programme was balancing the basics and relevant advances. Preceptorship programme was very good and I wish the time duration for the case based discussion can be extended further. Looking forward to another great conference in 2019

Rahul P. Talele, Asian Insitute of Gastroenterology, India

SHC 2018 Preceptorship Programme has offered me a good and useful training programme. I got a lots of learning points and many experiences from this program. I had a great times @ Singapore for your support and arrangement.

A Mi Mi Kyaw, Mandalay General Hospital, Myanmar

SHC 2018 has provided a comprehensive view on the recent practice in the management of various liver diseases. This well-organized program demonstrated useful insights on both eastern and western perspective as exemplified by relevant arguments and guideline presentations. The informative discussions on difficult real-life cases were all thoroughly answered by the distinguished global experts. Truly, this preceptorship program made a remarkable impact in the field of Hepatology in Southeast Asia

Henry Winston Li, Philippine General Hospital