What some of our speakers and delegates think about our conference……

The conference was an outstanding success.  The talks and the interactive case sessions were all excellent.  It was an honour and a pleasure for me to be a part of it.  Also, the organisation was very efficient and travel, hotel and hospitality could not have been better.

Dr Helen Reeves, Professor and Honorary Consultant Gastroenterologist, Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle University, United Kingdom

Thank you for hosting such a wonderful and successful international conference. The quality of the speakers and papers were excellent. Professionally, I met some wonderful people and interacted with some of the amazing experts from different region of the world. Overall it was very well organized conference. I really appreciate you and your team's efforts for the conference.

Dr Chung Yun Chien, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I had a happy time in Singapore. The contents of the lecture were abundant and there was much to learn. The committee meticulously prepared the event and there was no shortage. Researchers from various countries gathered, but there was no inconvenience caused by language and culture thanks to the preparation of the committee.

When it comes to providing transportation through cooperation with travel agencies, they provided the convenience for attendees as much as possible. Even in small parts, they did not lose careful consideration: Guide, meal, shuttle bus... everything was good.

Dr Oh Hyunwoo, Hanyang University Medical Center, Korea

My observation about the preceptorship program is a very successful educational and research oriented event. The best thing is the scientific content and case discussion by young physicians who are the future leaders of our region. Managing the financial support for a large number of preceptee are also encouraging. Myself being a preceptee in the last two successive meetings is a great honour for me and opportunity indeed in this scientific endeavor. I hope to attend this meeting in future. I will also disseminate this experience to my fellow colleagues.

Dr M G Azam, BIRDEM General Hospital, Dhaka & Hepatology Society Dhaka, Bangladesh

I've just graduated as a general practitioner, SHC was the first international conference I attended. I learned a lot as SHC invited an array of such distinguished speakers and I'm so inspired by them. The topics selected were excellent, let alone The Science of HBV Cure. Everyone would love to join that course. Some talks may be too much for me to handle as they were intended for hepatologists, but I enjoyed the other sessions as well. On top of that, being accepted as a preceptee gave me extra excitement and pride. That was my first time doing an oral presentation on an international stage and I'm so honoured to have it during SHC. The accomodation provided was not disappointing and having Singapore as the host was also lovely, as I extend my stay for 1 more day to explore the city more. To conclude, I was so happy and grateful for being selected as a preceptee and looking forward to join SHC 2018.

Dr Jordan Sardjan, Ciptomangunkusumo National General Hospital, Indonesia

It's been a wonderful experience in my clinical life to attend SHC 2017. It's been a great honour to me to be selected as a preceptee and to be allowed to discuss my case on the very first day of the conference. The preceptorship program is so encouraging to the young physicians like me who have rare experience to attend the lectures and case discussions of the international experts. The organizing committee is very efficient and talented that all the programmes and arrangements were perfect- meals, hotels and transportation. Last but not the least, time management was amazingly excellent and could finish all the things in time although it was a tight schedule. 

I'm looking forward to attending the conference in 2018.

Dr Thi Thi Tun, University of Medicine (1) Yangon, Myanmar

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